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Have you passed by a house lately that seemed vacant or unmaintained? Maybe you saw a for sale / for rent by owner sign? Maybe you know a friend or family member looking to buy investment property or even a fully remodeled home. Fill out this form, it takes a minute, however try to go into details as much as you can. If your information leads to the purchase or sale of a property you could get up to

$500 in cash

It’s literally easier and cheaper than playing the lottery, you’d be surprised how many of these homes you see a day on your drive to work, school, events!

Once the form is submitted we will get in touch with the person you referred or will attempt to get in contact with the owner of the property if it’s vacant. From they’re if we are able to purchase the property or find the buyer a home they will go under contract period. After the deal closes, we will give you a call letting you know you can come by and pick up your check. Keep in mind sometimes property can sit under contract for months at a time, so your payoff may not be instant.

Pecunia-Investments is interested in all kinds of properties, residential, and commercial. We look at anything in Ypsilanti, Belleville, Milan, Saline, Canton and all surrounding areas! Don’t forget to let your friends know about this referral program as well; it only helps to make you more money!

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